Flavors of Magical Power

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In this world, there are many flavors of magical power, and a mage is one who has constant access to some flow of one or more of these power. While each flavor of power is reasonably well-defined, and therefore limited. what the mage can do with the power, is more variable, depending on the mage’s training, inclination, and imagination.

(As narrator, I may ask for revisions if a character gets too far out of line, but, at the same time, once the game gets going, I’ll err on the side of letting the players work things out for themselves.)

In my creation of the world, and my analysis of the characters so far proposed, the following flavors of magic have been established.

(If you don’t know which flavor, but you know what you want your character to be able to do, I will help label and place the power source as need be.)

Also, it is generally accepted in the magical community that a mage’s power tends to influence his/her personality. e.g. Reds tend to be unstable/volatile, Blues tend to be the opposite, and so on…

Lastly, some of these definitions are pretty set, while others are less developed.

Flavors of Magic


Red Mage / Fire Mage / Hell Mage

Common manifestations of power: explosions, fire, heat, extreme tolerance to high temperature and even increased physical constitution with increase in temperature.

Common weaknesses: Unstable personality, intolerance and loss of access to power in cold temperatures,

Rarity: Pures are extremely rare. Ages of being branded as inevitably evil (yet to be disproven), shunned and hunted by the rest of the magical community has taken a toll. Only one bloodline of Reds in known to survive. Reddish Mixers, known as Pinkies, are moderately common and also shunned by the respectable authorities because of their ‘taint.’ They usually end up involved in crime, because they don’t have much other choice.

Survivability: Red magic is extremely destructive and exceedingly hard to control. Most born with any significant amount of red talent are consumed by their own power before they can learn to control it. Only with careful attention and training do they have a chance of making it to adulthood.  Most, if not all cases of mysterious ‘spontaneous combustion’ are simply the death of a pinkie. Pure Reds are almost impossible to raise, and even if they survive the first 20 years, they die before they reach 30 without the help of some sort of powerful magical artifact or help.


Blue Mage / Ice Mage

Common manifestations of power: ice, cold, extreme tolerance to cold temperatures and even increased physical constitution with decrease in temperature.

Common weaknesses: Heat, indecision, emotional distance

Rarity: Any pure is relatively rare, but in general, blue as a flavor is of average rarity.

Survivability: Average


Purple Mage / Mind Mage / Royal / Flower

Common manifestations of power: invading another’s mind and imposing an illusion, retrieving information, planting information, psychic torture, truthsaying

Common weaknesses: Physically vulnerable while invading/influencing another’s mind. Mentally vulnerable to extremely strong willed individuals. Overconfidence, arrogance, annoyingness.

Rarity: Pures are very rare. As a component of a Mixer, small talents are of slightly below average commonality.

Survivability: Low. Mind Mages are frequently killed out of fear and hatred. This is balanced slightly by the fact that they are extremely values in the criminal world.


Probability Mage / Gamma

Common manifestations of power: mechanical failures, and other small occurrences of something convenient happening. This is a very subtle, but powerful talent.

Common weaknesses: Limited effect of power, non-immediacy of power

Rarity: Pures are very rare and interestingly, a Mixer with this power if literally unheard of. The theory is that only a pure, with a very strong vein of power and training totally focused on using it can use it to any degree of efficacy.

Survivability: Unknown. These mages are rare and like to keep their powers secret. They are the unassuming left-hand men of powerful people. It is impossible to know how many are out there. And, their auras are colorless, making them difficult to identify.


Green Mage / Wind Mage / Air Mage

Common manifestations of power: wind, flight

Common weaknesses: falling, enclosed spaces

Rarity: average

Survivability: below average. Many fall to their death during failed flying experiments.


Bone Mage / Healer / Flesh Sculptor

Common manifestations of power: body mending, body manipulation, body distortion

Common weaknesses: Most manifestations of power require physical contact, and either the victim/subject’s permission or complete aural submission.

Rarity: Very rare, in any form

Survivability: Average


Void Mage / Vacuum / Black Hole / Eater

Common manifestations of power: Energy absorption and internal repurposing, spell-rigging/spell-working(the making of magically invested items),

Common weaknesses: Over absorption, inability to understand or control volatile magics, inability maintain power balance.

Rarity: Pures are more common than Mixers, but both are uncommon

Survivability: Low (with proper training) Almost Zero (without training)


Earth Mage / Rock Mage / Stone Mage

Common manifestations of power: manipulation and reconfiguration of solid rock, construction, petrification, preservation, and creation of artifacts.

Common weaknesses: Slow implementation of magic, lack of useful substance

Rarity: average (the power is common enough, but the skill to use it extremely well has been lost to the ages)

Survivability: average