Humanesque Magic Users

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Common Features

These are people who were born human, look human, and for all intents and purposes would be indistinguishable from a regular human if you took away any magical power.

Their power is something that they were born with and they may or may not know how to control it.

Powerful mages (excluding vergers) have been known to live very long lives and be able to take and give punishment just a little too well to be considered truly human.

Pure Mages

These are those who have a single, untainted, unmixed type of power. They are frequently a little too proud of their pure status and underestimative of Mixers.

It is important to note that no Mixer will ever be as powerful in one vein of magic as a powerful pure mage with the same talent.

See: Josey Jackson, The Iceman


These are the magicians who have a motley mix of different flavors of power. They can be very dangerous and very powerful if they know how to use what they have, but they are still looked upon as second class mages by the pure aristocratic types.

Mixer: Special Case: Pinkies

Pinkies are any Mixer with a detectable talent for red magic. They are the most common kind of criminal mage because they are all automatically banned from the Assembly because of their red ‘taint.’

See: Heels, Flynn


Even their auras are dull and grey and weak. The only way to tell a vergers is with a deep magical inspection or to observe on in the activation of their power. Most vergers are never discovered and will never know about the smidgen of magical talent they contain.

Those that do find out, rarely live to tell the tale, because it’s usually a life or death situation that cause the stress level required to activate the dormant power and a jolt of untrained power at the moment of need, is rarely as effective as one might hope.

Even once they are active, vergers will only be able to use their minor talent under very specific, very extreme circumstances.

Vergers: Special Case: Naturals

These people will probably never know that magic exists, much less that they have any. They have an extremely, almost, supernaturally amazing talent. They have an unconscious instinctive power that subtly influences and increases a particular talent to the highest end of human capabilities.