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The deep underground wing of the Yuma SuperNat Prison designed to house the most powerful and or most depraved human mages. The inmates may look human, but the real monsters are sentenced to ‘H’ block.

The Facility

The facility is made of unseamed stone, worked and constructed by a rock mage of prodigious skill. There is only one way in and it is a air-lock style double-doored entrance that is made so that only one of the two doors can ever be opened at a time and they can only be opened from the outside. The block itself is deep underground and the entire facility is guarded by high-caliber spellslingers and ancient wards.



Each inmate is outfitted with a bracer of spell-worked metal that cannot be removed without the magical key or by removing the inmate’s hand. the bracer absorbs the wearer’s magic, denotes and enforces the inmate’s cell assignment, and stifles conscious physical violence, thereby preventing direct physical confrontation. But, of course, there are always loopholes…


Every night, the inmates are locked down in their assigned cells and soon afterwards, the air in the main cavern is magically scrubbed. During the process, the air is unbreathable and anyone caught outside a cell will die within minutes.



Inmates tend to group together and certain factions are the major powers in “H” block.

The Birds

Comprised mostly of mixers and pinkies who owe their loyalties to the Crimson Phoenix, this is the largest faction, but is rarely the ruling faction.

Always at odds with the Solids.

The Outcasts

There are always those that don’t fit in. Vergers and loners tend to get by on the fringes by staying out of the way and staying silent.

The Solids

They like to think of themselves as the high-class, but they really just miss the aristocratic authority they accorded themselves on the outside. No mixers or vergers are allowed in this group, they only consider pure mages, with one, unmarred type of power, to be worthy.

Always at odds with the Birds and the Outcasts.

The Iceman

He’s in charge and he proves it as often as he likes. He allows a select few to serve as his entourage and all the other factions submit to his rule because they have no other choice.

Always in charge.