Tough Target

Tough Target (Suspense, Adventure, Thriller)

Tough Target Cover by Lee Brown

eBook $2.99 at the Kindle Store

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Trade Paperback $15.95 @

Cattle prices are down, the drought is on, and the note on the ranch is up.

The Two-E Ranch is everything that Cass Elkins ever thought she wanted. Now that she has it, keeping it is the only thing she can’t do. She needs a rain
or a lot of cash. If the devil knocked on her door, she’d make a deal. After
all, there are worse things.

Like reality television.

The devil doesn’t show, so she tries out for the new reality program, Tough
Target. With a million dollars to win—minus taxes, of course—Cass hocks
her dignity to save her pride.

But the devil might have been easier.

From accounting to terrorism; ranching to reality television; this book is a fast-paced thriller set primarily in the sunny Southwest.

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