The Z-Day Incidents

The Z-Day Incidents are an ongoing series of short stories set in a post-zombie-apocalypse world created by A.L. Brown and C.A. Floyd.

The stories follow the adventures of two families in the aftermath of Z-Day. The Murdocks and the Wilsons.

Stories involving the Murdock family are written by A.L. Brown. The Wilson family is handled by co-creator C.A. Floyd.

Z-Day Incidents:

#1 “Gone Green” by A.L. Brown – “Mad” Myra Belle Murdock is a long way from her home on the Texas-Arizona Border. But where there’s a madwoman, there’s a way. Or something like that. With little more than a motorcycle, a sword, and a deadly thirst for Dr, Pepper, Myra begins her long journey home.

#2 – “Operation Live Brains” by C.A. Floyd – (Hopefully coming soon to an ebook near you. Help me get C.A. Floyd to release it by leaving a message on her site.)

#3 “Bad Blood” by A.L. Brown – Z-Day. The end of civilization. The beginning of an age where humanity is scattered, decimated, and engaged in nothing but survival in the face of the zombie hoards. In this post-apocalyptic wasteland, one family of gunslingers is having fun. Meet the Murdocks as J.W. and his little sister Etta deal with another day on the ranch.

#4 “Paranoia and Caffeine” by C.A. Floyd – (Again, hopefully coming soon to an ebook near you. Help me get C.A. Floyd to release it by leaving a message on C.A.’s site.)

#5 “Two If By Z” by A.L. Brown- (being considered for publication. Coming someday soon, one way or another…) The next story starring Myra Belle Murdock.





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