Down On The Farm, The Turn-Row So Far…

As we all know, I am a semi-syndicated columnist now and I even get paid for it! My “Down on the Farm” column comes out every Friday in two newspapers.

For your convenience, here is links to everything published so far, and you can always go to my Column Archive page for a full list, updated weekly.



My Intro Column:

An opinion on the rain:

Some less known facts about longhorns:

An Introduction to Kow-rate, the art of punching and or kicking cows:

Some perspective on wheat harvest:

How to get a 30′ header through a 20′ hole:

The stories that arise from encounters with rattlers:

The word “Varmint” according to my lexicon:

The new, most impressive feline, an introduction to E.C. (short for Evil Cat):

How and where I have the time to learn things like Russian:

A few words on the awful, wonderful, life-saving slime of emergency rations, aka, the foodstuffs that live under the seat:

What the farmer see when traveling:

Sometimes a farmer’s long hours are somewhat regular:

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