Character Cage Matches! (coming soon)

Ever wondered what your character would do in a full-contact cage fight? No need to wait any longer. This is the venue you’ve been waiting for.

To sign up, complete the form below and you will be contacted by me to schedule and work out the details of your character’s bout.

There are three venues available:
  • Realsville Riot
    • Normal physics. Gritty, down-to-earth, nothing for free.
  • Borderline Brawl
    • Somewhere in the margins, just outside the realm of reality.
  • Physics-Free Fracas
    • The Unlimited Division. Anything goes. Magic, science, whatever… Fighters fettered by the laws of physics need not apply.
There are opponents galore:

As an author with an over-populated stable of characters, I will choose an opponent to write that appears to be of similar ability to your contender. My goal is always to provide a good, challenging match to all comers.