Brown, Audra Brown, Newspaper Columnist

You know one of the things a writer loves to see? His or her words in print. Real print. Ink on pulverized pulp. So guess what, I’m having a good time lately. A few weeks ago, I kinda got recommended for a columnist position–and they read my blog (this one…) and they didn’t run away screaming, they hired me.

You (and me…hehe) can find my words in print, every Friday. They can also be read online at and So, check out the Portales News Tribune and the Clovis News Journal.

Not that it matters, but the titles are not always mine. Sometimes they keep them, and sometimes they change them.

For your convenience, here are links to all the columns so far. Enjoy!

My Intro Column:

An opinion on the rain:

Some less known facts about longhorns:

An Introduction to Kow-rate, the art of punching and or kicking cows:

Some perspective on wheat harvest:

How to get a 30′ header through a 20′ hole:

The stories that arise from encounters with rattlers:


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