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Short Version:
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I write a lot of stuff and I’ve published some of it.
I am a 5th degree black belt and the World Champion of Destruction (taekwondo: power breaking).
I hate sleep. I love a challenge.
I shoot 3-gun pretty good.
I’m a constitutional libertarian.

I didn’t got to school until I did college.
I have two degrees (Math, C.S.) and I’m working on another.

I worked with dummies (robots).
I have no time for boredom.
I drink a lot of espresso.
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Longer Version:

Independence Day, 1989, three days after I was born,

from the curb in front of the hospital, my parents introduced me to the wonder of firework

s. It has since been proposed that my fascination with large, loud explosions began that day.

The next few years were relatively uneventful. I was a bit slow learning to ride a horse well. But, by the age of four or so, I was running just as fast—or maybe a little faster than my cousins. Learning to drive was unexciting, unlike my dear cousin, I did not crash through our grandparents’ barn. After a year of vehicular experience, I was too busy driving a tractor on my parents’ farm to get into trouble with anyone…except the feds. They refused to believe that I was making the money I had put into my bank account.

Thus, for my first encounter with the great government, I was audited.

My mother drove me thirty miles to the office and was made to leave the room while the auditors interviewed me. I didn’t even realize exactly what was going on. I just answered all the questions with the truth. I told them about my horse, my cows, and the orphaned calves that I bottle-fed and then sold. In the end, they believed me. My reward? At the distinguished age of six, I became a tax-paying citizen.

Life continued, minus some of my earnings. There were a few miserable, snow-graced cattle drives, many books, and many episodes of Power Rangers. It was the last that caused me to start Taekwon-Do when I was seven.tkd3

I got my first black belt when I was twelve, I am now a 4th degree black belt. In the time between, I competed heavily, winning more than a few state titles. I made the US team five times, travelling to South Korea twice, England once, and Italy once, to represent my country. I won bronze in 2004, a silver in 2007, and two gold medals in 2010, making me the 2010 ITF Women’s Power Breaking World Champion. I made the US Team in 2012 but was unable attend the 2012 World Championships for health reasons.

For that very reason, my family decided we had to find some other reason to take a vacation in 2012, and so we went and shot our first major shooting competition, the Double Tap Championship. Over the next year, I shot a few pistol matches, and that was fun—until I found 3-Gun. One match as an observer and I was hooked. All that stood between me and a multigun match was gear. Did I mention that I like big guns? My collection is made up mostly of .44 magnums. Any game must be played by its own rules and I needed some suitable firearms. I signed up for the Fallen Brethren 3-Gun match, to be held in October of 2013, and started shopping.

I’d already acquired a Glock 34 for my causal pistol competition hobby, but of my two, rarely used shotguns, neither was anywhere close to what I needed for 3-Gun. I decided on a Versamax and that was out of the way.

The rifle was the last step, and there were so many options. Then, I met the owner of New Beginning Gun Works at Rocky Mountain and after a little talk about rifles, I had a sponsor and a custom 3-Gun rifle on the way.

NBGW rifle header2

My rifle arrived two days before my first match, I threw on an Eotech I already had, and did a hurried sight-in at 100 yards before driving to the long-range-inclined match that is Fallen Brethren.

With a new gun and no experience shooting such a small caliber at long ranges, nor much experience shooting my Eotech past maybe 200, I wasn’t very fast, but I hit out to 350, ran more rounds through a shotgun in one day that I probably had in my entire life, didn’t come in last place, and had a barrelful of fun.1486035_10152182607952449_822061101864099540_o

For 2014, I signed up and shot five major matches and even managed to find two smaller ones less than a day’s drive away. I also started working full-time again (now that my health was decent), and qualified for the US Taekwondo Team for the fifth time. I chose to concentrate my extra time and energy on training to reclaim my title as Power Breaking World Champion.

Long story short, I made it to Italy and won my title back.

10516681_892697444093355_4552166480370563240_nI am once again the World Champion of Power Breaking–or Destruction, as the Italians call it. Downside was that I didn’t have much time for 3-gun training.

Despite my negligence of 3-gun other than attending 5 major matches in 2014, I won two Lady Tac Irons Titles. One at RM3G, and then at the inaugural Brownell’s Lady Pro-Am. I also finished 3rd in the 3-Gun Nation Regional Series amateur lady division. Two of those earned me an invite to the 2015 Pro Series Qualifier and so I went to Tulsa and made the cut.

2015 was a 3-Gun year. I shot about 10 major matches this year, including shooting the Lady Pro Series. For more about my 3-gun exploits, check out:

And now I will get around to writing, ’cause this is my writing site, so, you might be interested in that…

Writing, to me, is a natural companion to reading. Without a doubt, my interest in writing can be attributed in most part to my lifelong reading habit—which got off to a rough start.

My mother/teacher homeschooled me until I started college. Early on, she (oddly enough) tried to teach me to read.

I hated it.

Luckily, before it was too late, I discovered that there was more to read in the world than Aesop’s Fables. I have been thoroughly addicted ever since.

When I was ten, during one of the winter cattle fiascos at our ranch, one hundred miles from home, I ran out of reading material and promptly confiscated the book my Dad was reading. It was Dune. At that point, all books became fair game and my passion for Science Fiction and Fantasy was born. (Dune is still one of my favorite books.)

In the ensuing years, I devoured such compilations of the written word with great pleasure, averaging a hundred novels per year until I started school. It was a sad day for my reading habit when, at the age of sixteen, I took my first academic class. It was a terrible day for my reading habit when, two years later, I enrolled full-time at the local University.

Four years, a B.S. in Mathematics, a B.S. in Computer Science, a minor in English, and a minor in Ancient Greek later and my Summa Cum Lauded self is possessed of a booklist that is still shamefully short. It appears that my recovery will take time.

In 2008, somewhere in the midst of my encounter with academia, I realized that I wanted to write fiction. My first story, “Big Iron,” was written and soon won $75 dollars and was published in the El Portal literary journal and the “Angst, Apathy, and Apricot Pie” Anthology. Since then, I have published several short stories including “Fire-For-Hire,” which was sold to Tales of the Talisman magazine and the mystery story, “Got Grit.”.

I am also the proud writer of a weekly column that appears in two newspapers–so far…

Since I realized I was a writer, several stories in various genres and two novels, Tough Target and Remember the Alamok, (co-written with my partner in crime…I mean writing) have been completed and I have several novels in various stages of completion; including three urban fantasy projects, an undefinable work of speculative fiction, a mystery, and sequels to my first two manuscripts. I am also working on a couple of urban fantasy TV Pilots, one of my own and one as a collaborative project. Point being, I have lots of ideas, each just waiting for its turn.

In all my pursuits, I have a slightly insane desire to pursue excellence.


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