An Overdue Update Of Columns

On the critical skill of flammables identification.

Don’t spit into the wind, and chain the gate.

An example of some homemade fun in the winter.

All it takes if Coffee, a Barn, and some friends to make a party.

All Jacked Up, why a jack should be right next to the shovel and the chain in the back of the pickup.

Hay, I might be crazy, but, hey, hay, who cares?

I went to Rome and got two black eyes … and a gold medal (The Resolution of Cliffhangers Introduced in my Introduction)

Brown: Not everybody suited to be legen-dairy

An example of common irrationality.

One Man’s Scrap is Another’s Invention. (Or, the story of my life)

The rest of that story…

Some jobs stink, but they stink less when it’s cold.

Songs you hear during harvest are forever linked.

Three big nights, one reason why the Floyd Jamboree has been going for 65 years.

Spring arrives on the winds of a sandstorm.

What I really do on the tractor.

A view from the alley, sorting cattle.


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