A Brief Home Tour | An Exclusive Peek Inside My Newest Hobby

Lo and behold, I have a new hobby. Big surprise, yes?
A curse and a blessing it is to be a “renaissance” woman. (That’s a nice way of saying I have attention issues…)
But, sometimes, I manage to come up with a new interest that is both interesting and potentially useful and complementary.
Please hold your applause and welcome…SCREENWRITING…to the fold. (Don’t worry, I’m still writing books too. This is all part of my devious plan. I’ve tricked myself into using this new hobby as a procrastination technique. Don’t tell me, but I’m putting off writing, by writing. It’s genius, I know!) now, shhh

So, I’m working on a feature, a short, and a sample episode of Hannibal. But don’t take my word for it, behold my home.

The Study – Oft mistaken for a common ‘office.’



The Kitchen – A place for cooking up plots rather than cooking with pots.



And everywhere you need it to be, may I introduce you to The Light at the End of the Tunnel.