So, last week . over the weekend Sunday, me, my brother, and my dad made a manic run to Lordsburg, NM to bring back a car. To put that in perspective, I live on the very eastern edge of New Mexico, within spitting distance of Texas. Lordsburg is just about as far south and west as you can get and still be in New Mexico. It’s down there in the geographically named, ‘boot heel’ of the state. no offense to that part of the world, but the name might be appropriate without the geographical feature. The vegetation is pretty few and far between and it makes home look not nearly as dry. That is quite a feat.
According to the man with the car, the main industries in Lordsburg are ranching (and there can’t be too many of them, considering the clearly challenged stocking-rate) and law-enforcement. Apparently, if you add up all the border patrol, homeland security, and local leos, they outnumber the permanent residents of the Lordsburg area.
Beleive it or not, the car we were after was not a crown Vic, a charger, or a dodge with cop tires, cop suspension, and a 440 cubic inch plant. No, the car my dear brother had bought was far more popular with the outlaws of its era. Any guesses? No. Let’s narrow it down.
It is not a Ford, a GM, or a Chrysler. The brand only lasted for a few short years. It was made before the war. Amelia Earhart was the celebrity who helped introduce it to the public. One of the Wright brothers, Orville, I think, bought one of the first ones as his personal car. Several infamous outlaws such as Baby Face Nelson and John Dillinger drove one because it was the fastest thing on the road at the time. The engine was a straight six, without a pressurized oiling system, and from what I hear, needed to be rebuilt every 500-1000 miles–and that’s if you were easy in it. Most folks who owned one, were not.
Know what it is yet? If you do, I’m impressed.
The catch line/motto sounded something like: On water, it’s hydroplaning, in the sky, it’s aeroplaning, on land, hot diggity dog, It’s terraplaning!
What returned we with is, in fact, is a genuine 1937 2-door Terraplane. If that is not the coolest car name ever, I don’t know what is.